Heart Disease in Older Adults!..What You Can Do!

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Older Men and Women.

Heart DiseaseThis statistic is unlikely to change in the near future because the population of older people is growing faster than any other age group. Also, heart disease is more common than any other disability except arthritis.

People used to think that only men got coronary heart disease, but in fact,cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death among older women.The only difference is that women develop the disease about ten years later than men do. Doctors think that estrogen protects women from heart disease.

The question is whether you can reduce the risk of heart disease as you get older.The answer is yes!

You can do many things right now and every day to avoid heart disease. Heart disease is a “lifestyle disease” because how we choose to live affects our heart health.

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Foot Detox Scam!

Foot Detox ScamThe Foot Detox brochure claims that the device will “detoxify” your body by immersing your feet in it. The brochure is even so bold as to deny that they are “not linked with the recent media reports on foot spa services being investigated by the Ministry”.

The main benefits touted by the use of the foot detox system are that it relieves pain and discomfort of arthritis, improves immunity system, reduces stress and anxiety, improves circulation, removes blood clot material, improves sleep, improves liver and kidney function, enhances mental focus and concentration, assists in recovery time from injuries and surgery, soothes headaches and increases vitality and energy.

While their website states that “As a company we do not claim that we can cure disease by soaking the feet in water”, another section of the website has the usual “testimonials” of people with various “disorders” like migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and even “severe gout” allegedly obtaining benefit from its use.

A scam is a scam is a scam. Surely you cannot be so gullible to believe that by soaking your feet in this contraption your body will be “detoxified”? The public may be swayed by the water “miraculously” turning brown or black in color.

This is a simple explanation on How Foot Detox Works:

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Vitamins Plus Ibuprofen May Ward Off Alzheimer’s

For patients at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease, taking a combination of vitamins E and C plus ibuprofen significantly reduces their risk, results of a longitudinal study suggest.

DementiaSpecifically, the combination seems to benefit people who carry a variant of the gene for apolipoprotein, APOE-4, which is known to put them at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

“We found that for people at low risk, taking vitamin C and E alone is sufficient to further reduce their risk,” Dr. Majid Fotuhi told Reuters Health. “But for those with (APOE-4), the combination exerts a synergistic benefit.”

Fotuhi, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and his associates followed nearly 5000 elderly residents of Cache County in Utah for 8 years, taking into account their regular consumption of vitamins C and E, and ibuprofen.

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Weight Lifting Tips

These helpful weight lifting tips will help you get the most benefit from your workout. Moreover; they will also help to reduce the chances of sustaining a serious debilitating injury.

The primary weight lifting tip is to warm up before starting your workout. You should warm up at least for five to ten minute before getting started because it is very necessary for cardiovascular vessel to get the blood flowing.

Another weight lifting tip, which is a very important one is before weight lifting,  stretch all your muscles. It is always better to start with weight that you can handle at least ten to twelve repetitions, to build strength. Then as you progress and add more weight, with six to eight repetitions while always remembering to keep good form.
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Whey Protein Powder!

Athletes have benefited from the lean-muscle building property of whey protein for years, and now you can too!

Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal

Get Your Whey Now!

Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal provides an impressive 15 grams of whey protein—one of the highest concentrations of quality whey you can buy. It also contains all-natural flavors and sweeteners and is formulated without gluten and soy-protein for those with special diets.

And like the other Nutrimeals, Chocolate Whey has a low-glycemic formula to produce only small fluctuations in blood glucose levels for sustained energy to keep you satisfied longer.

Each serving of Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal contains 2 grams of dietary fiber. You’ll be the envy of your friends, building lean muscle through proper diet and exercise and drinking delicious chocolate shakes.

Health Basics of Whey Protein

  1. Formulated without gluten and soy protein for special dietary needs
  2. 2 grams of dietary fiber
  3. 15 grams of whey protein
  4. Low in saturated fat
  5. Low glycemic
  6. Helps reduce carbohydrate cravings and deliver sustained energy

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Strength Training for People Over 50

Over the years, adults lose muscle mass and therefore strength simply because they are getting older.

Strength Training Over 50This normal loss in muscle size can cause difficulties in living safely and independently. Older adults may become less able or unable to participate in favorite activities. They may be at risk of falling or simply unable to get out of a chair.

But there is good news. No matter what your age or ability you can get stronger.

In the 1990’s researchers showed that strength training is helpful for older adults.

You can do strength training if you are healthy, active and in your sixties.

You can also do it if you are less active or frail and in your nineties!

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Read this Before taking Another Herb!

Many Herbs & Supplements Contain Cancer Causing Ingredients such as Lead and Arsenic!

Herbs & SupplementsSellers of ginseng, echinacea and other herbal and dietary supplements often cross the line in marketing their products, going as far as telling consumers the pills can cure cancer or replace prescription medications, a U.S. government probe found.

In an undercover probe, investigators at the Government Accountability Office also found that labels for some supplements claim to prevent or cure ailments like diabetes or heart disease, a clear violation of U.S. law.
GAO staff targeted supplements most popular with older consumers and posed as elderly buyers in stores or over the telephone.

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What are the Benefits of Being Fit Over 50?

Being over 50 Does Not Mean that Physical Fitness is no Longer Important. There are Numerous Benefits of Regular Physical Activity at ALL Ages:

* Continued independent living
Elderly Woman Gardening* Better physical and mental health
* Improved quality of life
* More energy
* Move with fewer aches and pains
* Better posture and balance
* Improved self-esteem
* Weight maintenance
* Stronger muscles and bones
* Relaxation and reduced stress

Scientists have proved that being active reduces the risk of:

* Heart disease
* Falls and injuries
* Obesity
* High blood pressure
* Adult-onset diabetes
* Osteoporosis
* Stroke
* Depression
* Colon cancer * Premature death

Do you Feel too Tired to get Started?

Many of us feel that way, but most people who become physically active say that physical activity helps them feel better and gives them more energy.

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Yoga is Great for Staying Inshape!

Staying Fit with Yoga Exercises

Yoga exercises are the best way to free your mind and concentrate deeply. After you have experienced a stressful situation, your mind, body and spirit is stressed and fatigued.

The cause of these things might have been from the interaction with other people or something that have caused a frustration, anger, depression and disappointment. The feelings formed out of these circumstances should be released so that you will live a happier life with no worries.

One effective way and method to express your outpoured feelings and emotions is by doing yoga exercises.

When you feel like shouting out loud or cracking the television, you can instead release your tension through yoga exercises that are effective and helpful.

This type of strategy has worked in many ways for different people. Those who don’t find enough time for themselves can do yoga exercises in order to relieve themselves.

Sometimes, work has caught us up so tightly that we don’t find time to relax and express ourselves. Yoga exercises are the best remedy to this problem.

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Why ‘Vitamin D’ is Important!

Low Vitamin D Levels Lead to Poor Physical Performance in the Elderly!

USANA Vitamin D

Get Your Vitamin D Now!

In a recent study, researchers examined the association between Vitamin D status and physical performance. Among subjects with low Vitamin D levels, physical performance and grip strength were significantly lower than that of participants who did not have reduced levels.

In addition to its role in bone health, vitamin D is thought to play a role in musculoskeletal function. In a recent study, researchers examined the association between vitamin D status and physical performance in a sample of 976 persons over the age of 65.

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